Office Politics: Increasing the Impact of Your Influence

Political Skills: Increasing the Impact of Your Influence is suitable for professionals at all levels looking to increase their impact and position themselves well on their career path. Participants will be able to:

  • network with different members from other departments;
  • complete a quiz to learn their political influence style;
  • understand and recognize the styles of other ‘political players’ in their environment;
  • understand the political position that best advantages them;
  • effectively and ethically influence people with whom they interact;
  • have their recommendations accepted and interests of their group defended;
  • and apply their newfound skills toward achieving a promotion.

Member cost (online delivery): $290 plus HST
Member cost (in-person delivery): $490 plus HST*
Non-member cost (online delivery): $350 plus HST
Non-member cost (in-person delivery): $650 plus HST*

CPD hours: 7.0

Should we have to convert these courses to online due to public health restrictions, registered participants will receive a partial refund to reflect the difference

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